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Nakhda Balthazaar, a Dhar Faa Halim son
Nakhda Balthazaar Black Straight Egyptian Stallion

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Nakhda Balthazaar 
AHR 521909 1995 Black Stallion
Straight Egyptian,    Al Khamsa,    100% Asil,   56.26% Babson Bred
Pure in Strain 1st Generation:  Dahman Shahwan

Video of Nakhda Balthazaar

Balthazaar is an endearing stallion with a very distinctive pedigree. 
He represent a unique combination of 'older' and 'newer' breeding 
in the Egyptian lines.  A valued attribute by many serious breeders who's goals
are the perpetuation of the Straight Egyptian, Al Khamsa, Asil Arabian horses. 

Translation of his name...
Nakhda means reborn or resurrected;  
Balthazaar means "King of Treasures", is one of the three Biblical Wise Men from the East.

A Treasure in deed, Balthazaar 


Nakhda Balthazaar, proudly owned by Ben & Ann Rienks

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For Breeding Season 2014
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A Celebrated Regional Champion Son of Nakhda Balthazaar

SJ Mikado 

Click on above link for Video, Pedigree & Contact Info.
AHA Registration #  576214   DOB:  02/28/2000
Out of Tiffany W (Jet Stream K x Gdinna by *Aladdinn)

Proudly Owned by:  Michael & Christine Norris

Straight Egyptian, AK Son of Nakhda Balthazaar
VBA Vintage Heirloom 
AHA # 630780     DOB:  6-24-2006
Straight Egyptian, Al Khamsa, 100% Asil, High % Babson bred
Out of GC Bint Fabo (Ali Atik x SES Fabos Legacy by Fabo)


 VBA Magis Golden Gift by Nakhda Balthazaar
VBA Magis Golden Gift
AHA Registration #  641835   DOB:  04/11/2008
Out of GC Bint Fabo (Ali Atik x SES Fabos Legacy by Fabo)
Straight Egyptian, Al Khamsa, 100% Asil, High % Babson bred
Accepting Inquiries on this very special Colt.
I will only part with him to the right home. 


VBA_Vintage_Royal-Halter1.jpg (52284 bytes)
RBA Vintage Royal  SOLD
AHA Registered      DOB:  6-21-2006
Straight Egyptian, Al Khamsa, 100% Asil, 40% Babson bred
Out of Jallesia (Royal Jalliel x Medesia by El Norus)
Royal is very correct & has a very loving disposition

Bred by Ben & Ann Rienks.
Congratulations to Melissa of Zafir Ranch LLC in Colorado



 Sire and both Grandsires of Nakhda Balthazaar

SIRE::   Dhar Faa Halim
August 18, 1981
Deceased:  May 2009
Our condolences to Peggy Wojchik and family
on the recent loss of Dhar Faa Halim.
Truly a magnificent individual!

SE, AK, Asil, SOF
Dahman Shahwan
Sired 106 progeny, 72% (total 76) are black. 
Breeder:  Carol Schulz
Peggy Wojchik of Wojchik Arabians
Above Facts verified by the AHA Datasource. 

DHAR Faa Halim, holds the ranking of 
7th leading sire of black Arabians. 

Dhar Faa Halim

Dhar Faa Halim
Photo by Works of M Art

Paternal GrandSIRE:  Fabo
August 1, 1962 - May 6, 1997
SE, AK, Asil, SOF

Saqlawi - Jidran (Subayni)
Sired 78 progeny, 28% being Black.
Breeder:  Bruce C Huss
Owner:  Walter Schimanski as of 3-20-1977
Above Facts verified by the AHA Datasource.

Fabo was the last Straight Babson 
of his strain in production.  Of his progeny,
22 were SOF.  He was purchased at age
15 by Walter Schimanski and became
the major herd sire at Masada Arabians.  
He was a highly esteemed stallion.

For more information on Fabo, click here


Maternal GrandSIRE::  Fa Daalim
May 28, 1973 - November 4, 1995
SE, AK, Asil, SOF
Saqlawi - Jidran (Subayni)
Sired 102 progeny, 25% being Black.
Breeder:  Robert E. Cowling
Owner:  Marilyn Lang of Fantasia Arabians
Above Facts verified by the AHA Datasource.

Had been leased out for a breeding season each to Sherbrook Arabians in Florida and
also to Masada Arabians.  He sired a number
of SOF sons and daughters at Masada.

From the Foundations V4 No. 4 publication,
"Fa Daalim, was one of the most popular of our present day stallions and for many he represented their ideal of the perfect 'Black Stallion'.  In fact, Fa Daalim was one of the 
original horses chosen for the movie, 
"The Black Stallion", but Marilyn didn't want to chance subjecting Fa Daalim to the stress and the extensive travel the movie would have demanded.'  Sadly Fa Daalim died due to complications from a snake bite.  

Fa Daalim

PEDIGREE of Nakhda Balthazaar


AHR 22998 Black
Saqlawi - Jidran (Subayni)

AHR 6264 Bay
Dahman Shahwan
*Fadl AHR 896 Grey
Kuhaylan Jellabi
*Bint Bint Sabbah AHR894 Bay Dahman Shahwan
AHR 12158 Black
Saqlawi - Jidran (Subayni)
Fa-Serr AHR 4482 Black
Saqlawi - Jidran (Subayni)
Fay Khedena AHR 7893 Grey
Saqlawi - Jidran (Subayni)

Dhar Faa Halim AHR 263215 Black  
Dahman Shahwan

  SAR Ladunimuhan
AHR 138267 Bay
Dahman Shahwan
Sar Fadl Halim AHR 91166 Grey
Dahman Shahwan
*Ansata Ibn Halima
AHR 15897 Grey 
Dahman Shahwan
Sabrah AHR 28350 Bay
Dahman Shahwan
Bint Mist Aana AHR  95732
Dahman Shahwan
Julyan AHR 13123 Grey
Kuhaylan Jellabi
Mist Aana AHR 15406
Dahman Shahwan

Nakhda Balthazaar  AHR 521909 Black 
Dahman Shahwan

    FA Daalim AHR 91824 Black 
Saqlawi - Jidran (Subayni)
AHR  3144 Chestnut
 Dahman Shahwan
Faddan AHR 1172 Bay
Saqlawi - Jidran (Ibn Sudan)
Fay Dalla AHR 1657 Grey
 Dahman Shahwan
Bint Fa Dena
AHR 36375 Black
Saqlawi - Jidran (Subayni)
*Ansata Ibn Halima AHR 15897 
Dahman Shahwan
Fa Dena AHR 22067 Black
Saqlawi - Jidran (Subayni)

DW Fadaakma AHR 287070 Bay
 Dahman Shahwan

  *Kamar El Zeman
AHR 193400 Bay
Dahman Shahwan
EAO 290 Grey
Dahman Shahwan
Mashhour RAS 360 Bay
Hadban Enzahi
Elwya EAO 220 Chestnut
Dahman Shahwan
EAO 616 Bay
Dahman Shahwan
Nasralla EAO 128 Grey
Hadban Enzahi
Bint El Dahma II EAO 280 Chestnut 
Dahman Shahwan

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