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VBA A Sherlocks Fury has an exceptional pedigree, both sire and dam lines are equally impressive.
His sire VBA Moonlight Fury is going well under saddle.  Fury's sire AE Tsultans Fire was a Western Pleasure and Halter Champion at
Class A level.  His sire Fire Devil++ was a highly accomplished and celebrated US and CAN Champion in Halter, Park, English Pleasure,
Native Costume and Driving.  Sired by the golden cross of *Bask++ x Toi, he come from an accomplished family being full sibling to
Mi Toska+++, Mi Tosk, Toi Soldier, Toska Too.  These horses were well known in the English performance divisions, as well were their
progeny and on down the line.  Looking a little more at his pedigree, factor in Ivanhoe Tsultan which equates to Neck Neck Neck. 
The Ivanhoe horses were very successful at National CH level in the halter arena as well western pleasure and hunter. 
Looking further, through Sherlock's sire's dam FA Elbonte is Russian through her sire *Pyatigorsk and Polish through her dam's sire, the iconic sire *Eukaliptus. 
Her tail female line is Gainey bred.  She also carries a line to the celebrated Straight Egyptian sire Dalul.  *Pyatigorsk is described by the *Pyatigorsk Syndicate as...
"brilliant power and dynamic majesty in a classic combination.  Shown at Equitana in Germany in his youth, this stallion has drawn rave reviews from horsemen worldwide. 
*Pyatigorsk is recognized as a significant progenitor of the Koheilan Adjuze sire line."  

In looking at his dam's heritage, Mon Ami Anadeaous was a fantastic little mare who did is all.  Versitile and sweet.  She was shown as a
yearling, winning in open halter classes.  Placed well in the Michigan Futurities.  She was enjoyed on the trail, shown Western Pleasure,
Hunter Pleasure, Hunter over Fences and later taught my children how to ride and enjoyed many parades.
Her sire Zig Zag was shown successfully in Class A and Regional shows.  Solid Polish breeding on this stallion. 
He was  very balanced with a lovely hooky neck  and beautiful top line.  Compact and lots of pretty.
The tail female line of Ana went back to solid Al-Marah bloodstock and Crabbet.
The non Arab in the pedigree, Heather was a Tennessee Walker mare.

Sherlock is not currently broke to saddle.  He leads and is good for grooming, shots, haltering.  Loves attention, but is pretty much
a blank slate for you to train your way.  He has beautiful legs and strong build. 

Photos of Sherlock taken September 2017

Sire:  VBA Moonlight Fury  Dam:  Mon Ami Anadeaous

Arabian Horse Pedigree for VBA A SHERLOCKS FURY

FIRE DEVIL AHR*101301 Chestnut 1973 *BASK++ AHR*25460 Bay 1956
WITRAZ PASB*901 Bay 1938
BALALAJKA PASB*962 Grey 1941
TOI AHR*33317 Bay 1965
TROY AHR*18705 Bay 1961
MISS T AHR*15583 Bay 1959
AE TSULTANS FIRE AHR*394713 Chestnut 1987
TSULTANA AHR*185025 Chestnut 1979 IVANHOE TSULTAN AHR*77068 Bay 1971
ARAGAZELLE AHR*110938 Bay 1974
*HAL GAZAL AHR*68796 Bay 1970
VBA MOONLIGHT FURY AHR*630115 Chestnut 2006
PIETUSZOK CAHR*4056 Bay 1954
SILVER CHARM CAHR*4507 Grey 1964
MISTICAL LADY CAHR*4664 Chestnut 1972
TORNADO AHR*33449 Grey 1965
FA ELBONTE AHR*547583 Bay 1997
EULOGY AHR*311674 Chestnut 1984 *EUKALIPTUS AHR*200635 Grey 1974
BANDOS PASB*2109 Grey 1964
EUNICE PASB*1934 Bay 1959
GAI GALAXIE AHR*168281 Bay 1978
DALUL AHR*49035 Chestnut 1968
GA-GALATIA AHR*47154 Grey 1968
VBA A SHERLOCKS FURY HAHR*5A371192 Chestnut 2009 
IBN MIRZAZ AHR*26123 Chestnut 1963 *MIRZAZ AHR*20464 Grey 1957
NABOR PASB*1669 Grey 1950
MIRA PASB*1144 Bay 1942
*GAWRA AHR*20428 Chestnut 1957
DOKTRYNER PASB*1380 Grey 1950
GWARA PASB*1095 Bay 1946
ZIGZAG AHR*139650 Chestnut 1976
MYSTIC ROSE AHR*9733 Grey 1954 HAMMIN AHR*5612 Chestnut 1949
IMAGE AHR*1008 Chestnut 1933
HAMADA AHR*3373 Bay 1945
KEZIA AHR*5526 Grey 1949
SIRECHO AHR*1623 Grey 1939
FREIHA AHR*2145 Grey 1941
MON AMI ANADEAOUS HAHR*4A249916 Chestnut 1985
MURTEZ AHR*70634 Black 1970 AWIZ AHR*4849 Bay 1948
*WITEZ II AHR*3933 Bay 1938
POMONA AHIBBA AHR*2997 Chestnut 1944
WC TAMIRA AHR*26807 Chestnut 1963
AAZRAK AHR*10821 Roan 1956
TARIFA AHR*8662 Chestnut 1953
KAI IBN TAASHA HAHR*3A158801 Chestnut 1976
KALA TEASHA HAHR*2A84754 Bay 1970 LO PIMISCO AHR*26382 Chestnut 1963
RAFISCO AHR*4383 Chestnut 1947
KALAREE FA HAHR*1A43709 Bay 1966
RIF RAAZ AHR*17516 Bay 1960

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