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About Vintage Black Arabians
From owner Ann M. Rienks

Vintage Black Arabians has been many years in the making.  God has shaped 
and provided the path that has led to this point.
I am extremely proud of the horses as well those that have sold.

For me personally, my passion for horses started as a child. 
I think a person is born with that passion  My first horse was gifted to me. 
I was 17 then.  She was a beautiful liver chestnut AQHA mare. 
Heather also had many health issues, navicular, bog spavin, uterine endometriosis, 
and a fractured coffin bone.  While some may say I was given someone else's 
troubles, I will tell you, I have always considered that mare a true gift.  As through
Heather's health needs I gained a lot of knowledge.  Heather
with all her lameness issues, helped to shape me into the sound horse woman I am today.

When I became acquainted with Arabian horses, I fell deeply in love with the breed.
I bred my first horse in 1985, when I purchased a breeding to a Purebred Arabian for Heather.
Due to the discovery she had endometriosis, I had to substitute a leased mare.  
She produced a beautiful chestnut filly, whom I named Mon Ami Anadeaous.  
I broke Ana to saddle, trail rode, showed halter, western pleasure and rode hunter jumper.
She was an excellent teacher and confidence builder for my children as they learned to ride.  
We were blessed to have Ana all her life, sadly in the summer of 2013
she moved onto greener pastures.  It was through Ana and the boarding facility she was at
that we met a very handsome 2 year old coppery chestnut
Arabian stallion by the name of AE Tsultans Fire (stable name of Max)  
Both Ana and I fell in love with Max.  I secured my first loan with my Credit Union
and purchased him.  Max remained with us the rest of his life,
having passed away of old age on August 8, 2016 at the age of 29. 
He was shown successfully in Halter and Western Pleasure by then trainer, 
Mike Goggins.  With Mike he earned Reserves and
Championships at State and Class A shows.  Max's sire, 
Fire Devil++(*Bask x Toi) was a very successful stallion who was multiple US and Can.
Champion in English Pleasure, Park, Halter, Native Costume and Driving.  
His dam Tsultana was by the iconic sire Ivanhoe Tsultan.  In Max,
I could not ask for a better stallion or more loyal friend.  He has always watched out
for me, even when covering mares.

With the Arabian horse, there is a very special bond that they build with the people they choose.
Known for their high intelligence and sensitivity, they often appear as being aloof and high strung. 
I recall over the course of years, being told by some to never purchase Straight Egyptian Arabians.
I was told they were too high strung.  That information remained in my head for years. 
Until 2000, I had the distinct pleasure to meet Shalimaar Shirah, an El Halimaar son,
who was strikingly beautiful, full of personality and charisma.  From the moment
I walked into his barn, this stallion was talking to me.  Wanted my full attention.
At liberty he put on such a show of athletic beauty and grace.  In hand he was the perfect 
gentleman.  In front of the camera, he would look at me as if to ask,
"did you get that one?"  I couldn't believe that anyone would consider
Straight Egyptian Arabians high strung.  Shalimaar and his progeny had impressed
me so much, that I opened my heart to the Straight Egyptian Arabian.  

To me the Straight Egyptian Arabian is the most intense embodiment of 
all the fine qualities I appreciate in the purebred Arabian horse.
The Straight Egyptian Arabians is the blue print for the Arabian horse.
For those of you not familiar with what denotes a "Straight Egyptian" Arabian,
it's in the pedigree.  "All lines in the pedigree must end in Egypt".
This validates purity and why they are called Straight Egyptian or Asil.
The Purebred Arabian horse is often called Domestic as in their pedigree's they can horses
who's pedigrees end in other countries.

I have a great deal of love and appreciation for the Arabian horse, 
which has lead me to Asil Arabian horse, the Straight Egyptian Arabian.

In my perspective, one must preserve the original blue print, 
so to speak in order to perpetuate the design.

Vintage Black Arabians offers Select Straight Egyptian and Purebred Arabian horses for purchase.
If our horses interest you, please feel free to inquire on any and all.
I do offer multiple horse discounts.  Stallion with mare purchase options available.

Sincerely, Ann M. Rienks

Contact:  Ann@VintageBlackArabians.com

Phone:  616-446-5214

Located in Clarksville, Michigan USA


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